Book Review

Book Review: THE IDIOT BRAIN,Dean Burnett

This brightly coloured boom about neuroscience and human psychology is a fascinating and insightful book on the peculiar workings of the brain , and also the oddities of our behaviour.

The book is split into 8 chapters , each of which highlights key areas where you probably haven’t ever thought about deeply.

At the end of the book , you will be able to understand what Mr Burnett means about “Dedicated to every human with a brain. It’s not an easy thing to put up with so well done.”

Our brains are falliable and make constant errors , yet they are so unimaginably complicated that we have barely scratched the surface of understanding the underlying principles of how the brain works.

Chapter 8 was my favourite chapter ‘When the brain breaks down …’
Burnett avidly describes how the dopaminergic mesolimbic pathway. “Think of if like a city hosting a major concert. Everything in the city is set up to maintain normal activity . Suddenly thousands of excitable people arrive, and activity quickly becomes chaotic . In response officials increase police and security


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