HolaMundo/SalomDunyo/سالوم دونيو/. (I)

Welcome , you intricate homosapien ! I hope you read this in the best of health !

You are currently reading my Blog .

Who is “my” ?

I am Zayn 🙂

I know this is extremely unsophisticated at the moment , I do not wish to scare my fellow readers just yet !

Alas ! There is a VAST much to be “Blogged”

Where to start you may ponder ?

The human brain contains about 86 billion nerve cells and  billions of nerve fibers. These neurons are connected by trillions of connections ! Whooooooo

Is my brain is running on fresh air and love?

Humorously not (unfortunate) !

You may be wondering what the purpose of this blog is ? We’ll to admit , I have a countless amount of spontaneous and incredulous thoughts on a daily basis. I do know that I should keep these wild thoughts tracked !!! I don’t know why it has taken : Six thousand , seven hundred and ninety seven days since my birth to realise this ….

Anyway , this is a introductory prologue to the bountiful amount of information that I am going to be supplying to you !!!

(hopefully for the duration of my existence)

Enough for now . I shall create a Part 2 introduction soon.


For now , اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم my fellow biological being !!!!




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